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Pond Erosion from Hurricane Mathew

After hurricane Matthew dumped lots of rain in eastern North Carolina, Stormwater Solutions was in Jacksonville North Carolina doing inspections. After a big rain event like that, this is part of the service we offer our customers. Erosion like in the pictures below seems to be a common problem after a storm event like this.

Retention Pond Compliance in Shallotte, NC

Stormwater Solutions was on site in Shallotte, NC to look at a retention pond that needed to be brought into compliance. As a result of the inspection, Stormwater Solutions found that the pond’s forebay was eroding and washing out in sections. The water was finding channels to run and bypass the overall berm. The forebay … Continue reading Retention Pond Compliance in Shallotte, NC

Retention Pond Treatment in Morehead City

Stormwater Solutions was called out to the Handy Mart in Morehead City, NC last week to treat the cattails in their Retention Pond. The invasive plant species was taking over this Retention Pond. Cattails can grow thick and nearly impenetrable and will choke out other vegetation. Stormwater Solutions also removed a tree that was obstructing … Continue reading Retention Pond Treatment in Morehead City