What is a Retention Pond?

A retention pond is a pond or basin that is put into place to catch the water from a higher elevation. Retention ponds are manmade and use the run off from rain and melted water. There are many people who have retention ponds added to their landscaping for several reasons.

Why Have a Retention Pond?

There are several reasons why retention ponds are designed, and we will go over a few of the most important and popular reasons.

• Pollution Control

There are many areas where there are natural lakes. If there is a storm or in an area where there is a lot of rain or snowstorms, the retention ponds serve a very important purpose. If the excess water is caught in the retention pond it has time to sit. When the water stays in one area the pollutants in the water will settle to the bottom of the pond. With the pollutants at the bottom the water that runs into the lake is much cleaner. This technique is used all over the world. Studies have proven that as much as 80% of toxins can be removed from water with the use of retention ponds.

What are Some of the Pollutants Removed with Retention Ponds?

Some of the pollutants that collect at the bottom of the retention ponds will differ depending on where the retention ponds are located. If a retention pond is built in areas where the population is high the toxins can include:

• Fertilizers from neighbor’s lawn.
• Salt from the streets.
• Gasoline and oils that are on the streets.
• Antifreeze
• Animal droppings
• Herbicides and more.

With all the above toxins that are removed, it is important that we use retention ponds just for safety reasons. Retention ponds are the most natural and effective way to remove pollutants from water.

• Landscaping

Many homeowners use retention ponds to add to the value of the home. Beautiful retention ponds add to the elegance of landscaping and become the peaceful area of the property. Sound of trickling water add to the serene landscaping where it is a pleasure to relax.

Retention Pond Design

Retention ponds can be designed for the specifics reasons in which they are being used for. If a municipal is using retention ponds for pollutant removal, then a certified engineer will be hired. It is important that the runoff water is cleaned before running into lakes and ponds that will be used for human consumption.

As for building a retention pond for your personal landscaping project then this can be completed by personal choice. It is important to remember that this pond will function with runoff water, so the water needs to come from a higher elevation.

Retention Pond Maintenance

If the retention pond is used in towns and cities, it will be cleaned every couple of years. Retention ponds built for personal landscaping will also need maintenance based upon the size and area of the pond itself.

All detention ponds will need the following maintenance.

• Vegetation around the pond will have to be kept pruned so that it doesn’t become overgrown and unmanageable. If there are trees beginning to grow it is best to remove them before they become a big problem and must be removed when bigger. Vegetation around the pond is good if it doesn’t become overgrown.
• Debris and silt will need to be removed when it builds up.
• Inspections are needed on retention ponds to make sure that they are working properly. Inspect the exhaust, the weir, and headwall.
• Visually inspect the storm drains to make sure they are not blocked with debris or silt.