Retention Pond Compliance in Shallotte, NC

Stormwater Solutions was on site in Shallotte, NC to look at a retention pond that needed to be brought into compliance. As a result of the inspection, Stormwater Solutions found that the pond’s forebay was eroding and washing out in sections. The water was finding channels to run and bypass the overall berm.

The forebay and retention ponds are design to control the water flow and allow it to collect so that sediment and pollutants can settle to the bottom. Storm water passes over roadways, parking lots and other items and collects oils, grease and other pollutants on the way. Slowing down the water flow and allowing the pollutants to settle improves the quality of water going into the local water table and streams.

If you receive a Notice of Violation letter regarding your retention pond, just give us a call at 910-539-5600 and we’ll come out to inspect it and recommend solutions to bring it into compliance.