Retention Pond Treatment in Morehead City

Stormwater Solutions was called out to the Handy Mart in Morehead City, NC last week to treat the cattails in their Retention Pond. The invasive plant species was taking over this Retention Pond.

Retention Pond in Morehead City
Retention Pond at Handy Mart in Morehead City, NC

Cattails can grow thick and nearly impenetrable and will choke out other vegetation. Stormwater Solutions also removed a tree that was obstructing the outlet structure. Retention Ponds are used to slow down water flow to prevent flooding and erosion. They also filter out pollutants from flowing storm water so some vegetation is preferred. However, out of control cattails can actually take over the pond causing water to stagnate and become a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.

Stormwater Solutions treated the cattails and removed obstructions so the water will keep flowing as intended!