Complete Pond Restoration

Restore Your Retention Pond

Dredging and sediment removal is actually something that everyone with a stormwater management device will have to do at some point. The goal is to postpone this as long as possible by regular monitoring and maintenance.

The life of a retention / detention pond should be roughly ten years unless it has been neglected. Proper sediment removal should be concentrated to just the forebay which is designed to manage most of the system’s pollutants. Forebays are located at the inlets of the device and, if they do their job, contain the sediment so that it can easily be removed.

Sediment levels should be checked monthly so that the sediment doesn’t make its way in the main body of the pond. Dreading forebays is far less costly than complete pond restoration. Complete pond restoration would require dreading the main body and the forebay as well as reestablishing the device back to orginial specs with bank slopes and beneficial pond plants.

[the] improvement in both appearance and functionality .... is largely attributable to the quality of your work. Thank you.

— David A. Woolridge, Coastal Carolina Community College

Retention pond Repairs

We can complete any and all repairs that need to be done on your system. Start to finish.



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Monthly Maintenance

Monthly visual inspections of your System to manage cattails, algae and other invasive vegetation .