Managing Invasive Pond Plants

Control Invasive Pond Plants

Aquatic vegetation thrives in the warm, humid conditions on the NC coast. Plants are classified into four areas: submersed, immersed, shoreline, and algae.

Stormwater devices can quickly be overgrown and damaged by aquatic invasive plants, the most common in our area is the cattail. Also included in that group are alligator weed, hydra and algae. They grow very quickly and can damage retention ponds by crowding out desirable plants and clogging up drainage structures. In addition, these plants attract mosquitoes.

To prevent costly damage, it is imperative that invasive plant growth is managed. Stormwater Solutions is licensed through North Carolina as an aquatic pesticide operator and we can help you keep your pond in compliance.

[with you] monitoring and maintaining the six retention ponds on campus, we have experienced an overall improvement in both appearance and functionality.

— David A. Woolridge, Coastal Carolina Community College

Retention pond Repairs

We can complete any and all repairs that need to be done on your system. Start to finish.



Let us represent you and work with state and local officials to comply based on design criteria.


Monthly Maintenance

Monthly visual inspections of your System to manage cattails, algae and other invasive vegetation .