Parrotfeather In New Bern, NC Pond

Stormwater solutions visited a retention pond in New Bern NC today to check out a possible algae bloom. What we found was parrotfeather. Parrotfeather is often used in decorative ponds but can easily escape that setting. If it does, it quickly becomes invasive in ponds and other calm bodies of water.

The pond in New Bern does have aeration but we found the level of the pond was above normal for the amount of rainfall in the past few weeks. Upon further inspection, we determined that the pond’s outlet structure was clear but was not able to drain properly because the downstream drainage ditch was full. Until the drainage area is dug out or clears of standing water the retention pond has no where to drain and this is causing the pond to be non-compliant.

Regular inspections and maintenance by a licensed specialist are important steps in keeping your pond operating at its best. That keep a small problem from becoming a big problem or even a violation. If you have received a violation letter or notice of non-compliance, let us know and we will be happy to discuss it with you.