Cut and Clean Retention Ponds

Cut and Clean Service

Stormater retention ponds that go periods of time not being monitored and maintained can quickly develop erosion problems, clogged outlet structures and heavy vegetation growing in the forebay or around outlet / inlet. When city and state officials see those violations, the owner will receive a Violation letter and will need to cut and clean their structure. In fact, of all the infractions, these are pointed out by inspectors most.

Stormwater Solutions can bring your investment back into compliance and establish a program to keep the Stormwater BMP functioning properly. If regular proper maintenance is not part of the program… complete pond restoration can be very expensive.

Stormwater Solutions is licensed through the State of North Carolina as an aquatic pesticide operator.

...this is the most professional company that I have worked with.

— Charity Hurlburt, 

Retention pond Repairs

We can complete any and all repairs that need to be done on your system. Start to finish.



Let us represent you and work with state and local officials to comply based on design criteria.


Monthly Maintenance

Monthly visual inspections of your System to manage cattails, algae and other invasive vegetation .