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Alligatorweed Infested Pond in Jacksonville NC

This retention pond in Jacksonville NC is infested with alligatorweed.  Alligatorweed which grows quickly is very invasive and will choke out other vegetation. This pond has been taken over and the alligatorweed has obstructed flow around the outlet structure. While it’s blooms are aesthetically beautiful and fragrant, it is very invasive and needs to be … Continue reading Alligatorweed Infested Pond in Jacksonville NC

Major Pond Repair for Puller Place Apartments

Major pond repair was needed for Puller Place Apartments in Jacksonville, NC.  After the last rain event, a sink hole washed out on the east bank. During inspection, engineers discovered that the pond didn’t have an emergency spillway. Emergency spillways are critical when rainwater comes down in amounts that the pond can’t handle. Large amounts of water will … Continue reading Major Pond Repair for Puller Place Apartments

Retention Ponds Get Maintenance

Stormwater Solutions took over the maintenance of some retention ponds in Jacksonville, NC last week. The ponds were completely clogged and not functioning properly. Retention ponds are used to control  rainwater runoff to prevent flooding and erosion. Unless the drainage area is clean and free of debris, it can’t do its job to slow down … Continue reading Retention Ponds Get Maintenance